Maternity Session in the west coast rainforest.

Maternity Session in the west coast rainforest.

Golden Ears Maternity Shoot

Stanley Park Engagement

The bride to be wanted to have their engagement shoot when the cherry blossoms in Vancouver were in full bloom. I thought it was a spectacular idea and scouted out the perfect location right in Stanley Park.

On the day of the shoot and only minutes after meeting each other, while I'm setting up the first shot the rain started pouring, I mean POURING. We quickly grabbed our stuff and headed for cover under a massive tree. I didn't know how long the rain was going to stay, so I suggested we continue and use the space we have till it passes. That is what gave us the first shot you see. These two were so great, they just shook off the rain and we continued on once the rain had stopped. They were awesome .....and their little dog too!


A Romantic Sea to Sky Engagement Shoot

Carlie & Devon are two young loves who wanted a romantic and laid-back shoot. We explored the sea to sky gondola trails and finished it off with a cozy fire with wine by Alice Lake. All afternoon we were surrounded by towering trees, lush mountains, and some good laughs.



These two were awesome. As the sun starting going down behind the trees it got extremely cold, which put the pressure on Devon who was making the fire but they were both determined to get these shots and to cozy up!


8 Creative ways to use your engagement photos.

8 Creative ways to use your engagement photos.

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5 websites to print your photos with ease and look stunning!

5 websites to print your photos with ease and look stunning!

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Meet Daniel

One of my long time friends moved to Peru several years ago. From there she fell in love, got married and now they were expecting their first child together. When they found out they were expecting they took the move back to Canada where her family is from. I was so honoured to get to attend their babys birth and capture this life changing time for them.

Jan.28th 2017

We arrived at the hospital around 6pm and she was 4cm dilated. Things were progressing slowly so by 10pm myself and her mother went to catch some sleep at a friends place near by. We were both so excited I don't think either one of us got much rest. By around 1am we got the phone call to come back. That's literally all we were told, "come back", because her husband speaks very little English.

From there the story begins.

By almost 9am in the morning and pushing all night, a c-section was ordered. By quarter after 9am a healthy 9lb 1oz baby boy was born.

Welcome to the world Little Dan.