8 Creative ways to use your engagement photos.

Engagement sessions used to be few and far between but nowadays more and more couples are taking advantage of this new tradition. Which I think is great because it's a great way to get to know your photographer prior to your wedding day. While your engagement photos will most likely be used for Save-The-Dates, there are so many other ways to put those bad boys to good use! It seems silly to spend the time & money on getting them done and not take full advantage of them. So here's a few of my favorite ideas that I've learned about.


1. Wedding Guest Book. Create a coffee table/guest book with the images that you love with lots of white space around the photos for guests to write their well wishes and advice!

2. A lot of couples create a wedding website for their guests to rsvp & to share their registry. This makes for a great place to share your engagement photos and personalize your site.

3. Add a few photos to your Wedding Programs.

4. Use a photo for the envelope lining for your invitations. It's better then putting the photo on the exterior of the envelope because that part usually gets ripped open, if you put it on the inside, the photo will stay safe and adds a personal touch to your invitations.

5. Envelope Sealing Stickers. Use them as envelope sealing stickers for your wedding invites or thank-you cards.


 6.Ceremony & Reception Decor. Tastefully incorporate your photos into the decor.

7. Turn those pretty faces into pretty favors! Branding edible treats and other small items, like candy bars, bottles of champagne, and matches, is a fun way to repurpose your engagement photos without overdoing it with your guests.

8.Personalized Wine Labels. Create your own wine labels for each bottle at your table.

Lastly, I suggest that you schedule your hair & makeup trial a few hours before your engagement photo session begins. You'll look stunning for your shoot and hit two birds with one stone.

Nadine Hansen

Nadine Hansen is a Vancouver based professional photographer for Weddings, Elopements & Portraits. With her journalistic approach she creates a naturally relaxed environment and provides high quality images with a romantic & creative feel. If you'd like to make an inquiry, please contact her at info@nadinehansenphotography.com